Brenton Tarrant's shooting of the Christchurch Muslims

As you may be aware, on 15Mar2019, Brenton Tarrant entered a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, and opened fire on the muslims praying within (all unarmed civilians, men, women, and children). At least 40 died on the day, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and The Daily Mail are now reporting 50 casualties.

Jon Dave’s live-stream for St. Patrick’s Day, 2019, tackles this issue:

Jon Dave Live - #040 - San Patricio BTN Edition || [Mar 17 2019] - Christchurch

This is now the official discussion thread for the shooting, before you comment, please bear in mind that this is a public forum, so the family and friends of those who have died may see these, be respectful in your language and claims. remember that those who were killed were killed in cold blood in a place of refuge and without being given the option to either fight back or convert.

Tarrant’s actions were cowardly and inhumane, as well as anti-God: he appointed himself judge, jury, and executioner, and I do not agree with what he has done at any level.


My guess would be that it’s some spergslim who thinks he’s executing a counter-attack.

Things are only going to keep getting worse. Western Civilisation is in its twilight proper and will be lucky to survive another century. I don’t see how it can recover, the only real option is damage control: preserve what is good (arts and literature that is genuinely good for the individual), record what happened for the survivors to pass on, and make sure that one is prepared for their death at all times, for their death can come at any time.

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Is that your honest take on the state of the world? Have we passed the point of no return?

If so it hardly even matters to take care of what is left. No one but Europeans would acknowledge and appreciate the art and culture of foreigners. We have built entire museums dedicated to the rest of the world, but they mostly seem to burn whatever they find.

I do think we have passed it.

It may seem pointless, but things like music, art, literature, and even architecture that was made by people that believed in God as the pinnacle of their existence can be of assistance to future generations.

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