Expressions of interest - writers and editors

Legio Christi is looking for anyone willing and able to lend their time writing and/or editing for the website.

If you’re a writer, have you considered writing for Legio Christi? Any articles, essays, or op. eds. that you may have in mind on topics from literature and history, to philosophy and politics, to religion and theology will be considered. Please ensure that you follow the Legio Christi writing guidelines to make it easier on our editors to finalise your article.

If you’re an editor, would you consider editing for Legio Christi? Any and all submissions require some editing before they go live on Legio Christi’s Website to ensure that they are free of any obvious errors, they have a consistent style throughout, their argument (if relevant) is cohesive, and they meet the Legio Christi writing guidelines.

If either of these positions interest you, leave a comment here, message one of the group admin, or send us an article at!

For serious enquirers, there is also the question of a long overdue renewal to our sodomy article:
More details on what is needed for this article: Help Needed: Sodomy Article Renewal