Fasting for Lent

I’m planning to fast over lent. Wondering if anyone would like to join a group chat on telegram so we can encourage each other and talk over what difficulties/highlights we have faced during each day.

Just an idea as it would be good to fast together as a small group rather than doing it all alone.

This group will not conflict with Jesus teachings on keeping fasting private and not telling the public to get praise. We will only be talking among ourselves on telegram, no outsiders will know and also telegram keeps our identity unknown.

Anyone keen please get back to me. Thanks

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Im not sure if I am open to Telegram, but i will gladly post on the forum here. Are you Western Christian or Eastern?
What will your fasting practices be like?
Im not sure I can do an entire vegan fast for Lent…

I’m not sure what plan I will follow yet. I was hoping to discuss that once the chat group has been set up. But I was planning to do a few two day fasts during Lent, and if I can maybe a 3 day. But for all of Lent I want to put in food restrictions for myself. I’m not vegan but can cut out meat on certain days like the Fridays. Let me know what you think.
I’m Western Christian

Meat on Fridays and Wednesdays is fairly normal. There is different traditions for the Lent Fast in comparison of East to West. The West seems to be far more lenient, however we should recognize that only Monks and Priests took part in the most “intense” fasts and fasting without spiritual submission can be useless.

I am having a hard time deciding on how to do it…

Don’t look like this will happen. Getting no interest at all. And from people outside the forum