Forum use versus Facebook use

Given Facebook’s decision to introduce algorithms that “help” manage groups by auto-flagging “false-news”:

we, the admin, have decided to try and encourage the use of the forums as our preferred news-sharing platform and Fb can become the shitposting sausage-fest it used to be.

To this end, I would ask that you at least consider sharing your Fb posts to the forums and join in any discussions that are currently here. Your help is appreciated.

Some other things to note:
The forums now divide all members into trust levels. Each level has different privileges as well as access to a level-specific group messaging system (I’ve no idea if this is working yet, I’ll test it tomorrow), so you can laugh at the new-fags who can’t see what you’re saying.
The forums discussion category is not visible to non-members, there are only a couple of topics viewable from outside, so encourage your friends to join the forums and the discussion.
The site articles category provides a discussion topic for all articles posted to the Main site, and I’d recommend reading the articles and throwing in your tuppence.