July 2021 monthly chat

Not very successful roasted ribs today, will post more tomorrow

Not even a photo?


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Still way better than what I would come up with. Did you cover it with something?

  1. marinade overnight after brining

  2. bake with bone up at 130c for 3 hours

  3. baste with sauce and flip meat size up

  4. final bake

the meat juices are all melted gelatin with the marinade, a natural sauce, but Im on keto for the week, have to discard them

would be glorious to cook potato in or mop with rice


To be honest what you consider a failure most others would see as a triumph. lol

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I don’t even know what half the words describing the process mean

just me misspelling mate

I am just so clueless about cooking concepts that I don’t think any typo correction will help me.

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Good thread, I read it.

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Lunch, eggplant ragu and Porkchop in thai chili sauce

I have finally been memed and will be making canele
Japanese mold that works really well
Not gonna play with copper or beewax


Fish Friday

Experiminting American soft cookies, definitely one of the easiest, fool proof recipe. Anyone can whip up a batch in 15 minutes.

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They’re so big that they remind me of the Russian Pryanik

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There are so much hidden treasure in the old world, and of course Russia. Granted, the baker/chef I most trusted is Helen Rennie, a Russian.