Lazy, Stupid, and Impotent Christians.

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There has been, even in traditionalist circles, a certain blasé attitude towards one's own faith. We say we will read good literature, how many of us follow through? We say we will begin a workout routine, or maybe just really focus on getting ourselves together in some other way, yet we never follow through. We say will fight the devil and avoid the temptation of sin. I believe the words my catholic friends will remember are "I firmly resolve, with the help of Your grace, to do penance, and to amend my life."? Yet we continue participating in the same damnable sins week after week. Why have we not fixed these things?

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It’s because we’re not radical enough. We shouldn’t care what other people think. Comfort makes us weak as well as emotions. Often the environment is also wrong, because if you are in the swamp of sin (surrounded by bottle-necked people or things), there is no point in purifying yourself. You’re still in the swamp and get dirty again in an instant. Those who work hard have no time to sin because they are drained afterwards. And if the work is the calling, and every act is for God, then it is like a long prayer. In this way, sin will not be conquered, but at least it will be made more difficult. And if sin does want to overcome you, then try to cushion it, it is only a brief moment when you have to realize that you are doing it and then you have to react. Only if you really want it will it be successful. Sin is also triggered by inner unhappiness and insecurity. Sometimes drastic changes in life are necessary to escape sin, you have to get out of your comfort zone. I also try to get better, but it is these points that I have listed that I do not adhere to and that lead me to what God and I do not like.