London and Southern England

I’m in Surrey. Anyone around?

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Yeah, we do have some lads from around there, I think.

Sound off.

Oxfordshire reporting in.

I know a few guys in London. One in Norfolk. One in Wales. A bunch around Edinboro.

Based on all of these locations, Oxfordshire seems quite central. Thus I tentatively propose a meet up in Oxford on Saturday 28th July.

Will be in Oxford between 9 June and 12 June. I’ll be staying at Blackfriars on campus. Anyone keen to meet? I’ll be in London on the 13th for the day.

Unfortunately I’m otherwise engaged on all of those dates

thats a shame. you’re always welcome to meet me in croatia

Should I contact the people I know in UK? I can’t guarantee they’ll just hop on a train to meet a complete stranger but its worth a shot.

Might have to take you up on that

Sounds great

Ask them to comment on this thread. We’ll see what we can do.

Despite the recent closure of the SSPX, there is a decent TradCat community in Oxford and there is a TLM at the Oratory.

Not a bad thing IMO that the SSPX is closed. Good TradCat community in Reading too with the FSSP. I pray that we can sort out a meet up soon!

Nah, in earnest it’s not an overly bad thing. Sad to see something long-standing go, but with their departure form Ox, it helps them to concentrate elsewhere.

As they are not in communion with Rome, whether you are supportive of them surely depends a lot on your view of ‘extra Ecclesiam nulla salus’ and all that.

London here.

Nice one, would be good to meet up

London. Not back in UK til Dec though. Anything going down?

I’m planning to meet an anon in London this Saturday; but as it would be ideal to set up a monthly meet up anyway, I am very much in favour of doing December too.

On another note, is anyone on this thread adequate with graphic design? I have ideas for logos for the London and Southern England chapter but not the abilities to make a good one.