My Families Political Change Throughout Covid

Like many families during the “pandemic” mine has been fairly polarized on the topic of restrictions and forcing vaccines on each other. Some went as far as forcing us to get tests/be vaxxed etc… But over the last 3 years and especially coming to the global protests (starting in Canada) my family has become increasingly anti-government as well as anti restrictions, vaccines etc…
And one could say that before this like most boomers they were fairly liberal and content with how life had been in this country since they were kids.

This plandemic and the government actions throughout it have easily been the largest redpill ever for normies, and as I said I see it in my family and to be honest my workplace too, all thanks to the governments response to protests. Amazing.

I am just curious if others have had this experience? Am I living in an echo-chamber? If I am, I am okay with that.

you are not alone, I have had the same experience as well. The establishment is starting to put all their cards on the table. I don’t think they really have it under control either like some say, you can tell that many elites are trying to jump ship on the covid stuff and pretend as though they never supported it. It has become so obvious that the only people who cannot see it are people who don’t keep up with anything.

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For my family it has unfortunately been the opposite. They started by being skeptical and have now been fully immersed themselves in the mainstream narrative although at least my mother has accepted that I won’t get vaccinated.

It’s good to hear this whole ordeal is redpilling people though. It’s sorely needed for anything to change.

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My mother actually became über redpilled to a point where I have to correct some of the boomer-sourced info she shares. Wasn’t only because of covid, but it greatly contributed. Now she is very aware of the world’s manipulative forces

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