Refuse wearing a Mask

Before 4 Month my Company make the new Rule to wear Mask by working. My boss is a boomer and totaly in fear of the corona virus, of course also because the state close the Company if we would have tomuch corona cases. Before 3 Month in my Country the state make new laws and make it possibel to give a fine to peoples that dont act according to the Corona measures. When the comapny started to force us wearing mask i did it, because i dont tried to be a problem maker. Bur after the state make this new law i stop to wear mask in my Company, because i would anyway not be able to pay the fine, if they catch me Breaking the law, so i decidet to stop following the law anyway. I was Angry at this time, my driving style was fast. I thinked, if a gouverment that make this stupid law, i will not listen to others, and i dont actet according to laws i dont agree with, also such byside of corona. Because i refuse waering a mask by work and im the only worker in my position, the Company wasnt able to kick me out right away. so now i walked all the time since then without mask during my Company, not because i wasnt able to wear it, but because i dont want it. i just wear it again for 2 day when my successor was in the Company and i was forced to work near with him. i agreed for this two day to the please of my supervisior (the boomer). i Already quit my job when the maskrequierment was indtroduced, i made verbal arangements to leave earlyest at february 2021. After i refused wearing a mask, the situation changed and because i dont wanted to make more problem to the comapny and also my boss was forced to do this as example agaisnt my “not listening to the rules”, we decidet my notice Periode ends at Christmas. In the new Year i probaly go to work on a farm, i have a verbal acceptance with a farmer near my village, so i hopefully can go as much far away from Modernist as possible and doing a job i could like. i hope im not froced to wear mask on the farm if yes, probalby i go in the forest or do any other job, even if im tired of this stupid situation.

Even if i Angry, about everyone using a mask, because he fear getting this flu, probalby im in fear most from this new godless changes that are coming and im not able to do anything against it. Even in my dreams im confronted with situations peoples froce me waring a mask or treat me as the bad because i refuse to do it. i dont go to in Shops anymore, also not out. i buy my food by a farmer near me( the one i will go to work) early in the morning before i go to work, when the light not even brightning the sky, i feel me like a thief even if i pay, because also in this selfservice shop is masklaw. The humans with power agree loud or silent with this movement, and i dont see a stop of this new big downfall.

Now the question:
Am i wrong if i dont listen to the rules of my boss, even if this rules are stupid and just to push a satanistic agenda? We also have peoples that fear corona any Maybe in this “risk group” . I dont go near anybody if i know he fear it also because at least i would listen to at least one rule.

So the issue is not listening to master is technically a sin, we we suppose to listen to the powers over us. It falls under fourth commandment

At first thank you for the Answer just, what if power over me is part of the people, which is ruining me and my people? What if there are people who point out the splinter in my eyes without seeing their own bar in theirs? I often read in the Bible that people who act against God should be excluded from the community, but what if the most of the community acts against God and only less individual does not? I am definitely not a saint, the list of my sins is long. Just, do I have to help tie the rope that I’m being hung by? I know that “to believe that I am the only one who is right” is a sin too, but if nothing like this has been done about a virus in recent years, then I believe my opinion is correct.

I do believe it is only a sin to disavow a master if they are not causing you to sin. If someone or a group of a small influencers are telling lies to you, it is a duty to fight die the truth.
Sidebar: So it’s actually not a sin to believe you are right if you actually are. Vainglory is a sin, in the new article posted on the site explains the difference.