Religion and Fertility

Yes, I know, Patheos.

It was a really interesting read however, basically the relationship between religiosity and the fertility rate. Really shows how societies literally begin to die through secularization.


Waaaaaait a minute!

Are you trying to say that those who believe in nothing but their immediate material existence aren’t motivated to invest in something beyond their immediate material existence?

In other news: water is wet


Really activates those almonds.

What’s sad is the unnecessary delay in marriage and breeding in order to gain a degree they wont need to raise kids.


Yeah, women these days always want to go to college before they get married. They think of it as “ oh I want to live my life a little before marriage ends it all” like marriage is a negative thing. It’s this sad culture of individuality that’s killing us all.

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It was presented to me as a way to find a better husband.

Did it work?

I dont think it is necessary. It is more likely you will be corrupted than find a trad man. That is coming from a upper middle class background. If you are coming and truly need to marry up and into the middle class out of poverty; logically the only way to meet and date them is to be around them, so college at that point becomes a better option.

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