Russia-Ukraine conflict - The Russian point of view

Good evening.

As promised, I will answer some frequently-asked questions concerning the conflict in Ukraine, from a pro-Russian standpoint, as there seems to be a dire lack of it.

I will keep adding to the post over the coming days, when I have a spare minute, as there is a lot to cover. I am also open to extra questions, that I will add to the post.

"Why do you support killing Slav brothers? Innocent people are dying."

Where were you when innocent Slavs were dying for 8 years? Even the UN wrote regular reports on people, including civilians, dying in Eastern Ukraine. Both Donetsk and Lugansk cities were in artillery range of UAF for 8 years. In total, around 12-13,000 people died at the very least, and more than double were injured. That’s more than 4 Slavs every day.

What is happening now is the conclusion of that conflict. Ukraine is getting chemo’d, and it isn’t a painless process, but the innocents will be better off in the end.
Although, if the Ukrainian regime didn’t have the moral and material support of NATO and EU, the war would be over quicker and painlessly.

Lastly, for this topic, I’d like to add a commentary on the situation, and led up to it, by Peter Hitchens, who takes a more or less neutral stance in this whole debacle.

"Why is Russia doing this?"

There were many reasons, and new ones are piling on regularly. I vaguely recall the initial reason being the Ukrainian side’s unwillingness to cease hostilities after Moscow recognised the independence of the two republics on the 22nd. Naturally, you can lug that much equipment to the border in just two days, so the many reasons that were published in the coming days probably shed more light on the situation.

The first official reason was Zelensky’s speech at the Munich conference on Feb 19, where he announced that Ukraine will be obtaining a nuclear deterrent, to which nobody reacted to at all.

Another reason was that Russian intelligence recently came out with a report that the UAF was planning a full-scale offensive against the republic on the 8th of March. The large accumulation of forces in the area over the last several months was a clear giveaway that Ukraine was planning something. Many were speculating that they’d blitz the two cities, and then the ‘international community’ would tell Russia to just sit there and take it.

One more reason was that the many biolabs, that the US had constructed on the territory of Ukraine, were due to become operational. Those labs allegedly contained a number of deadly viruses. The documents used to be up on US embassy’s website, but have since disappeared. Naturally, they’ve been archived by internet racists, and are not hard to find, especially on platforms like Telegram or Gab.

And, naturally, the underlying reason to it all, was to end the bloodshed that had been lasting for years. Goes without saying that this follows 8 years of failed negotiations and slow-walked federalisation reforms by the Ukrainian side.

Edit: In my rush towards the more current justifications, I completely neglected to mention one of the main, if not the main reason Russia is doing this: the uncontrolled NATO expansion towards her borders. Initially, Putin wanted to join NATO and integrate with the West, but was not permitted, most likely due to Russia’s massive size which would threaten to create a second gravity well within the NATO/EU structure. The western combinat then began gobbling up all the ex-eastern bloc states in Europe, despite the verbal assurances of not expanding past Elbe. This important detail has been deboonked for years by the western media and politicians, but right before the special operation, a more honest account was quietly circulated across the western media, admitting that there was truth to the claims. If Ukraine were to join NATO in its post-maidan state, it would mean an extremely hostile nation, in an alliance that has officially designated Russia as an enemy, less than 500km from Moscow. This range can be covered with rocket artillery and short-range ballistic missiles which Russia would not be able to intercept due to the extremely short flight-path, so drastic measures were necessary to reclaim at least some of the buffer lost after the collapse of the Warsaw Pact. As simple geographic overview, one can check this video out. It is not pro-Russian, not even neutral, but it gives a good overview of the purely geographical reasons for Russia’s decisive action in Ukraine.

"Why is Russia going beyond those regions?"

From a strategic point of view, it is easier to break an army, when you’ve encircled it and destroyed all of its supply lines and air support. If the danger is coming only from one side, it just turns into a giant meat grinder.

From a political point of view, both the Odessa and the Kharkov region, for instance, conducted a referendum to declare independence alongside Donetsk and Lugansk. The difference being is that they were closer to the centre, and the Ukrainian goon squads got there before they could organise a proper resistance. The regions have since been under constant repressions, subject to harsh treatment, de-russification, including a few instances of outright martial law. On a side note, the reason behind those referenda was the fact that the coup in 2014 signalled a violent takeover of the government by pro-western Ukrainian nationalists, whereas the eastern and souther regions were very pro-Russian and identified as Russian, so the referenda were an attempt to go their own way peacefully.

Another stated goal was demilitarisation and ‘denazification’, meaning that the Russian forces aim to destroy all military infrastructure and capabilities of Ukraine, including completely annihilating the neo-nazi battalions that have been harassing and repressing people all over the country. To put things in perspective, the ‘denazification’ aims to end the strong influence of politically radicalized and revanchist western Ukraine’s steel grip over the rest of the territory. These people have been coddled since the days of Khrushchev and after 1991 their influence exploded, which became absolutely venomous for the rest of the regions. It’s a very long and complicated story. In short, there’s a lot of bad blood between regions, so Ukraine’s disintegration was only a matter of time.

How is the average Russian going to fare economically with all these companies pulling out of Russia? Are there Eastern alternatives?

The vacuum will be filled by local entrepreneurs and China. The government has already declared that companies sanctioning Russia are de-facto declaring bankruptcy, and thus their assets will be seized and nationalised.
The average Russian will go through about 6 months of hard times, but in the end will be a lot better off, especially now that there are fewer holes capital can flow out of the country from.

What is your opinion on Ukraine and the war overall?

One of many meme countries that popped up in the 20th century. A large fraction of people, despite constant de-russification spanning back to the bolshevik revolution, still identify as Russian, and I strongly believe that the people of the Rus need to be reunited. This includes the east, the south and the centre. The west, which belonged to the Austria-Hungarian Empire back in the day, should just be cut off, so it can seethe and dilate in the corner.

I, along with the majority of Russian people, have been waiting for this for 8 years. For your average Russian, watching those Galician nationalist dorks kill and torture Russian people, was an extremely painful and humiliating experience.

And while some 20th century meme countries are at least attempting to look like actual countries, Ukraine has remained trapped in the 90s ancapistan time capsule. This is in reference to how all post-soviet countries, Russia included, looked like after the collapse, with the political scene being a battleground of various oligarchs and the streets belonging to their hired muscle, like organised crime groups, religious and nationalist paramilitaries. Well, with the election of a jewish clown things got even worse, as anon below has found out:

Correction: Dual citizenship is illegal in Ukraine, but nobody cares.

Both Russia and Ukraine are run by jews

Name 3 on each side without googling. This is a stab at those who became experts on geopolitics 2 weeks ago.
Even if Russia is run by jews, where is the rotten fruit of that? Are the thousands of freshly built churches, falling abortion rate, banning of the globohomo, increasing church attendance and religiosity a sign that Russia is run by the jews?

In order to inject a more neutral opinion, I’d like to link an article that passed to me on this very topic. To me it really seems that the jewish elites of Ukraine are far more disruptive and cancerous the host than the Russian ones. That doesn’t mean I don’t want them gone, though.

Do you believe in a unique Ukrainian people? Do you believe those people should have a degree of autonomy, and if so what?

Nope. It’s a very diverse region that cannot be sown together with some made-up identity that is “Ukraine”, unless you literally let one side cannibalise the others.

If you look up a more or less honest map of Ukraine, especially pre-2014 and pre-2008, you will see that the regions belonging to the Russian Empire, are mainly Russian-speaking, whereas the western region has several languages in it, such as “Ukrainian” (which is a heavy dialect at best), Carpatho-Rusyn, Hungarian, Polish and even Romanian.

In reality, there is no “Ukraine”. It’s a frankenstein’s monster created by bolsheviks to weaken the central Russian identity, following similar attempts by the Polish Commonwealth with the Treaty of Brest where Russian people were subjected to polonisation and the Uniate church was created, and later by the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Naturally, one could also bring up all the examples of Russification, but the point is that it’s a two-way street.

"What does Z mean? I keep hearing multiple answers.

From what I've seen, the various letters are for marking battle groups for different areas of operation. * Z without a box around it, is for the Donbass and Southern Ukraine like Kherson and Odessa. * Z in a box is for the East, like Kharkov. * V is for Kiev * There is also O, which is in the North-East, like Chernigov and Sumy.

There are no particular words those letters stand for, so everyone makes their own interpretations. The Russian MoD posted some graphics on their social media with the text “за победу” (for victory), with the first letter being changed to a Z, and “сила в правде” (strength in truth), where the middle preposition has been replaced with the letter V. Choosing letters like that also seems to have a psychological effect on people hostile to Russia, like these German states outright banning the letter Z itself and the vibrant gay scene of prague consider the letter Z to be equivalent to the swastika. I think the methods and results of using those letters can be compared to a very successful viral marketing campaign.

What's the deal with 'denazification'? Isn't that technically aimed at us since we're constantly labeled as nazis?

To make it short and simple, World War 2 left a giant scar on the Russian society, which can still be felt today, both culturally and demographically. To make a slightly insulting comparison, it’s similar to how Americans react to 9/11. The memory of the victory is used to rally the people around the flag and one could allege that there is almost a cult-like feeling to it.

Within the last years, there has been a revitalisation of those sentiments as a reaction to a regime that has people that identify as nazis and parade around using symbols that were used by the Germans, such as the black sun and the woflsangel, and express extreme hatred of anything Russian.

In general, though, the terms ‘nazism’ and ‘fascism’ are used, in Russia, to refer to forms of nationalism, that are hostile towards the Russian people. Russians don’t really care about the tenets of national socialism or fascism. In fact, if you take the label off, you will find them agreeing with most of them. Russians never cared about communism of the marxist-trotskyist kind, this is partly why the great purge happened and communism in the USSR was transformed into a top-down authoritarian system more similar to fascism or monarchy. And even today, all the red flags and such are just a way for Russian people, mostly the older ones, to channel their patriotism and nationalism.

This is illustrated by an anecdote I overheard at work. One coworker was telling the other how they were discussing politics with their father (who is probably in their 60s or so) and how the children took one of Hitler’s speeches, and changed the word Sudetenland to Donbass, and the old man agreed with the speech. They then ridiculed him for being an ‘antifascist’ while agreeing with Hitler. To me, it only proves what I wrote above.

Thank you for getting through this rather lacklustre and tired rant. If you wish to inquire more or voice your counter-opinions, you’re more than welcome. But keep it on a certain level of maturity if you want an answer that isn’t: “cope, seethe, reddit, nigger”.
There are still some topics I want to touch on, but I will handle them in the coming days. Good night and God bless.

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Very good post, but regarding Russia’s reason, weren’t there some related to NATO? It would also be worth mentioning the reason behind the independence referendums

Very good post! If youre responding to more questions allow me to add

What does Z mean? I keep hearing multiple answers
How do you, and also Christians in Russia generally, feel about Putin as a leader?
Are you confident that Ukraine will fall? And in how much time?

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Ah yes. Thanks for reminding. I added an “Edit:” to the “Why is Russia doing this?” and a “On a side note,” to " Why is Russia going beyond those regions?"

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Thanks! I will address those questions in the coming days, hopefully.

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I apologise for taking forever to get to this, but you know how life is. Anyway, as promised, I will continue with the questions:

I will try to get to the other ones in the coming days.

Here’s an important bit that keeps being brought up every now and then, so I decided to add this to the list. It wasn’t delivered to me in a form of a question, but more in a form of griping, so I will formulate the question myself:

Wife and I watched this last night, found it extremely helpful. He has a lot of the same arguments/info as the OP. I’m basically pro-Putin simply because the MSM says he’s bad.