Trump win, a realistic outcome of the court cases or a cultist pipe dream?

I’ve seen evidence of fraud, and I’ve seen that Trump is taking these to court. However, just the other day PA supreme court denied his attempt to discard votes. It seems that Trump’s time is over and Biden will have four years or more in the WH.

What do these Trump cultists know that I don’t? What’re his next steps and how can he possibly win?

Let’s be realistic, please.

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The likelihood of his winning, in my estimation of it (bearing in mind that I’m looking in from Australia), is fairly slim since it would require him to have lived up to his promise of taking Clinton and the electoral commission to court back in 2016 for their attempted fraud over mail-in votes and deceased voting. In not raising these issues, as he promised he would, Trump has drastically weakened his current position since what was previously an issue for a few isolated cases has now become widespread in many parts of the country,

Australia has the same issue, it can’t be fixed 3 or 4 elections on, it must be dealt with the first time around. Plus, if you can bet on it, you can rig it, so there’s that to consider.


I haven’t even thought about the betting aspect of it. I think roulette is the only “random” betting game, but even in that sense I’m not convinced. I think you may be right about that bit. I can’t imagine republicans would do anything either when Biden takes office, they have this stupid idea that moral victories > actual physical ones.

Roulette isn’t truly random, it doesn’t take a genius to fit a small motor to the spindle of a turn-table and control the rate of descent. Every casino has checks and balances to ensure that, at the end of the day, the house loses only as much as it wants and no more. Likewise, if you’ve got the money, you can rig anything by bribing the right people to look the right way at the right time.

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I’m not even seeing Trump really fighting
He did not even give a speech at the stop the steal in DC. He do not even get out of his car. The question we need to ask ourselves is not if Trump will win but does he deserve to win?
Boomers and proud boys are getting killed in the streets and he says nothing. That’s his voter base.
Yes there is massive election fraud but does this man really deserve something he’s clearly not fighting for?

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Tbh, I haven’t liked him since he started bombing Syria. The US is 100% the “bad guy” in the middle east with our funding of terrorist groups. But, on the other hand, I don’t see right wing politics going anywhere now, especially with demographics the way they are.

My friend nothing is really going on the main stage but there are a lot of networks being created for people who actually want to make this a better country

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