Why Fake News is Mysteriously Dying



Recently, we’ve seen massive layoffs at known fake news. Most people are excited over this, but no one has asked “why” all of this is happening out of nowhere? These massive layoffs come almost as a surprise considering companies like BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post. Vice, etc. have held onto a digital monopoly and have pretty much cornered YouTube news with their artificial views pumping them into the trending section, and Facebook algorithms making anti-Trump articles visible to almost everyone who doesn’t edit their ad settings on Facebook. Today, I want to delve into this “why” question, and the answer may surprise you.

The Fake News Setup

I’m sure most of our American members remember when the term “Fake News” was first coined during the 2016 Presidential Elections, but for those anchorites among us who aren’t aware, the Main Stream Media attempted to claim that Trump won the election due to Russian influence and the posting of fake news on social media. The term was first used by The Washington Post and took off like wildfire. The media would use this term anytime someone would attempt to argue against the main narrative, including the Russian influence meme. Instead of debating the validity of their arguments, these “news agencies” would call the individual a Russian Bot and dismiss their argument based on that single principle.

The Start of A Digital War

After the “Russian Hacker” meme took off and the media suddenly became worried about “Fake News”, Barrack Obama issued an official announcement regarding “Fake News”. This started a chain reaction that attracted the attention of other political bodies as well as government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. One might ask where this invested interest came from, and why it was started with such little proof other than mere allegations from our contemporaries? The reason is simple, Democrats wanted to stop Trump and they would do anything they could to make sure that happened. So much so that Barrack Obama that after Election Day, Obama ordered the U.S. intelligence community to issue a public report about the Russian scheme. Obama then passed what was known as the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act almost in secret as he left Office. After this act was signed in, it gave intelligence agencies the ability to funnel money to HuffPost, BuzzFeed and other “Fake News” organizations to write about the Russian investigation.

This bill was where it all started. It funded every known “Fake News” organization $160,000,000 a year to attack anything on the Right of politics. It was included together with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Conference Report for fiscal year 2017. In the version of the bill incorporated into the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act, the U.S. Congress would ask the United States Secretary of State to collaborate with the United States Secretary of Defense and other relevant Federal agencies to create a “Global Engagement Center” (GEC) to fight against propaganda from foreign governments, and publicize the nature of ongoing foreign propaganda and disinformation operations against the United States and other countries. According to a report by The New York Times, two thirds of the funding allocated to the Department of State under the bill meant to be transferred by the Pentagon to the State Department was never transferred. As of March 2018, the State Department has restricted counter-propaganda efforts on combating Jihadi terror groups, like ISIS, as opposed to expanding its focus to include Russian propaganda in the United States.

Marble Framework

As you could have guessed by now, they found no evidence for the claims that Trump was put into power due to Kremlin influence, but that was never the point of this Act. Instead, the CIA used their portion of the budget in what was later revealed to be the Marble Framework. Dubbed "Marble," the framework contains 676 source code files of a secret anti-forensic Marble Framework, which is basically an obfuscator or a packer used to hide the true source of CIA malware.

As the election was happening, multiple states had their voter registries and machines attacked from Russian sources, this was how they could sensationalize the Russian hacking scheme. This is of course speculation on my part, but we do know that one of the 21 election hacks did in fact come from a source in the Department of Homeland Security, so one could only speculate that they were behind the other 20.


The End of the Act

Now we'll get back to the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act and the reason this I decided to publish this. The Act officially ended December of 2018 and was never renewed. The reason these massive layoffs are happening is because they are no longer receiving funding from the US government. It comes to no surprise that each of these companies are doing layoffs on specific sections of their companies, all of which are laying off the "Anti-Trump" authors who were hired for that very purpose. Without the sensationalizing they profited off, these companies will once again fade back into obscurity, and the age of CNN and Fox News will return.


It is our duty to expose these vile companies for the greater good like we have been doing. Disseminate this information far and wide so that others can see the extent our own government will go to appease the enemies of Western Civilization. We are living in the Digital Age and thus we must be ready to combat our contemporaries in a Digital way. It is up to every one of us to ensure these cretins are exposed to the general population that is unaware of the metaphysical war being played in the background.



  • Media creates the concept of Russia influencing our politics and elections

  • CIA develops and uses the Marble Framework to attack states’ voting centers using Russian IPs and left behind Russian metadata for the NSA to find

  • The DNC decides to use this to their advantage and Barrack Obama passes the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act which funds companies like BuzzFeed, HuffPo, Washington Post, Vice, etc.

  • The CDPA started an anti-Trump campaign and would report on anything negative against Trump, regardless of if it were valid or not (Piss Gate for example)

  • The Act expired December of 2018, thus these Fake News companies lose all of their funding