Why you deserve the New Lord of the ri

Trads are finally getting what you deserve. Trads are nothing but cowards, the rosary will save your soul not defeat zog. Denying the holocaust does and saying no to Jewish power does though. A limp wristed 60 years marching to end abortion, no genuine action. Eric Rudolph wasn’t Catholic but at least he tried to do something. Trads will cry and moan about diversity but what have they done to stop it? You deserve the reality you fight for. They won’t even cry and moan about diversity, they’ll cry and moan about how hard the times are but won’t say “Shut up jew” or even ask “Hey, what are we going to do about these blacks pushing us away from our churches”. It’s constant, “oh let’s all homestead and drive 90 minutes to mass every week” or how about they do some collective action. No that’s to hard and takes away time from playing 40k or watching Lord of the rings doe 900th time. There was so much crying about how bad boomers were, nah they are mad they didn’t get to loot and live a comfy life. Catholicism isn’t about the comfy life and I’m so sick of it. We’re at the point where we don’t even need to fight and get messy. The time of Anthony Imperiale is long gone. All you need to do is show up and most of you won’t even do that.

For what it’s worth, if a Christian community actually said “yeah lets all just homestead” they wouldn’t really need to drive 90 minutes to mass for long because they could simply build a church.
Something that could actually be pretty feasibly done is a defense league for whites in Hollywood. The reason why white representation is so bad in Hollywood isn’t simply top down control from Jews, its also because every ethnicity in America has an ethnic lobbyist group backing them except for whites.