Your SHTF Pack (Bug-Out Bag)

A write up from a friend who about what your “Innawoods” bag should have. Whilst lots of items are easily accesible and it never hurts to be prepared, i will say that spending thousands of your money is not the answer. Don’t forget that abunch of Croatians fought a war in cargo shorts and flip flops, same goes for the early days in Donbass. It is my personal opinion to pack light and remain on the move until regroup with like minded peoples.

In this file you will find a basic list of necessary items you should have in your Assault/Day pack for any SHTF scenario. The point of this equipment and setup is to survive for a
prolonged amount of time in a remote location closest to you, in the event of a major catastrophe, and/or to evade any organization, gang, armed group/milita, terrorist organization,
or organized military force that seeks to track you down and eliminate you for any reason. These items will ensure your personal safety, well being, and assist in your ability to locate,
evade, and eliminate any potential threats within your physical and mental ability.

Assault/Day Pack Necessities:

-Small Knife (fixed blade or switch open) or Medium Knife (Fixed Blade)


-Entrenching Tool

-Sewing Kit

-Waterproof Journal with multiple Pens
*Rite-In-The-Rain Preferred

-Durable Belt (On your person)

-Roll of Electrical Tape + Roll of Duct Tape (preferrably in colors suited to your local environment)

-Small Bottle of Iso Alcohol

-Tarp (sized to atleast cover entire body)

-Mobile Rain Protection
*Goretex/Rainproof Jacket, Poncho, etc

-550 Paracord (50-100 Feet)

-Garbage + Ziploc Bags (personally desired amount)

-Lighter, Storm Proof Matches, + Ferro Rod (Have ATLEAST 2 of these Items)

-Easy Kindling stored in a ziploc bag such as:
*Newspaper, Cardboard, dried brush/leaves, 550 paracord guts, anything that lights quickly and easily

-Light Source + Backup or Batteries

-Mobile Water Filter WITH Water Purification Tablets

-Hydration Bladder + Easily Storable Water Containers such as:
*Plastic Water Bottles, Canteens, Camelback Pouches, etc

-Minor Trauma Kit
*For scrapes, cuts, or any small injury that could lead to infection or prolonged pain

* Anti-Diarrheal, Necessary off-the-shelf Vitamin Supplements, Anti-Biotics, Tiger Balm, etc.

-Large Pack of Wet Wipes (up to 1-3 packs)

-Non-scented Sunscreen

-Basic Food/Rations high in Carbs, Fat, and Protein
*Leave small high-carb foods in the most easily accessible place, such as the top of your pack

-Hand Towel and/or Full Sized Towel

-Spoons and Forks (bring multiple)

-Extra Socks, Underwear, Etc.

-Pack of Latex Gloves

-Rugged Fabric Gloves


-Preferred Hat/Covering for Hair

-Noise/Distraction Device such as:
*Egg Timer, Alarm Clock, Gas Bottle, etc.
-Moral Boosting Item Such As:
*Rosary, Religious Symbols, and any Small Personal Items with Personal Emotional Value

-Pair of Binoculars or Rangefinders (HIGHLY preferrable to have Thermal Vision)

-Rugged Clothing that does not show up under NIR

-A Good Pair of Boots

-Dental Floss + Mouthwash + Toothbrush + Shaving Razor

Locational/Situational Items:

For Hot Weather:
-Fine mesh net to repel bugs
-Extra clean layers of current/under clothing to swap out for dirty/sweaty clothes (t-shirts, shorts, etc)
-Extra Wet Wipes + Items to avoid chaffing/rashes
-Small Rags (used to wet and apply to hot areas of body for relief against heat)
-Non-scented/Low-scent Bug Spray/Repellants

For Cold Weather:
-Multiple Clothing Layers
-Multiple Items to dry self off
-Heavy Gloves
-Extra + Thicker Socks
-Neck Gaiter and Face Protection

For Urban Environment:
-Breaching Tools such as:
*Bolt Cutters, Axe, Sledgehammer, Lockpicking Tools + Skills (highly preferred option), ETC.
-Small Glass-breaching Object such as:
*Spark Plugs, Glass-Breaking Pen, etc


There was an article written by a guy who lived through a city siege in the balkans, it was very insightful. Matches and lighters go for a lot in a SHTF scebario. Ill try to find it, had it bookmarked on my old phone

Also one of the best firestarters is duct tape, or steel wool and 9v battery

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did you get it?

Solid list, good stuff.

As an adendum, an interesting channel I found is a fella recreating the highlander way of life and testing out the historical kits with long hikes.

A thing that I found remarkable that I think more modern kits could benefit from is multifunctionality and just how light it is. Just about everything in the kit has more than one use, and the plaid is both raincoat and wintercoat in addition to tent, tarp, sleeping bag and backpack all in one piece of cloth.

Another thing that surprised me is that for food in another shorter hike than the one linked he only brought a pack of oats for food, and make cold porridge with river water during the trip, something that seemed unfathomably light, but hey it works to get the calories in without requiring much equipment or ingredients you need to pack.

Without sounding like a complete larper, I always wonder if modern BOBs and hiking kits in general couldn’t be inproved with a bit of old school tradition and see how much of the modern tech you could do without. American pioneering kits may also be really good to look into seeing as how being innawoods with little supplies is how the colonial army defeated the British (sadly).